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about brigel enterprises

Brigel Enterprises founder Ron Brigel has always had a passion for health and wellness. As a teenager, Ron worked at a health food store where he discovered that it was not just a business but a lifestyle. He loved the wellness community so much that in college he started his own business and was so dedicated to his work that he could even be found counting incense in the lecture hall!

His mission was simple: to get the best quality products to the customer with the best possible pricing. Because of this mission, Brigel Enterprises is committed to using simple packaging, sourcing from quality ingredient partners, and helping health food stores expand their herb, tincture, and incense store offerings.

Brigel Enterprises is fully immersed in the wellness community's needs and is especially excited to provide new blends of tinctures like the Irish Moss/Bladderwrack/Burdock to help independent health food stores expand their product offerings to serve their wellness communities.

For additional information on how Brigel can help you expand your tincture, tonic, incense, and/or herb product lines, please get in touch.